DMP offers videographer training and video editing alongside video recording and/or digital photography sessions.
This allows DMP to be a one-stop-shop for anyone creative.
You can record an album in Studio 54, shoot a professional music video and/or create a biog/website with photos from the green room.

Our History

Over the past decade, DMP has specialised in creative training projects including creative apprenticeships that have helped young talent find a way into the UK music industry. Not only have we helped to develop new and exciting music artists, but also nurtured the behind the scenes business talent that is necessary to support emerging artists. We have achieved this through ground breaking apprenticeships across the UK (in conjunction with our training provider The Academy Of Music and Sound and the National Skills Academy.

Between 2010-2012, DMP was the largest creative apprenticeship employer in the UK and developed a pioneering A&R apprenticeship programme across the UK culminating in a DMP showcase at the National Skills Academy attended by leading UK music industry executives, managers and producers. Just one of the young people to come out of the A&R apprenticeship was Lewis Capaldi.

Awards and Achievements

Between 2012 and 2016, DMP helped pioneer a groundbreaking Music Instrument Retail Training & Apprenticeship Scheme (MIRTAS) with AMS and over 70 music instrument stores across the UK. In partnership with AMS and MIA (Music Industries Association), DMP was awarded an Employer Ownership of Skills pilot grant by the Dept for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS). Of 34 successful organisations across the UK in all sectors (including Rolls Royce, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Whitbread Group etc) AMS & DMP were the first to launch and successfully complete their project.

DMP was awarded ‘Apprentice Employer of the Year’ in 2012 by the sector council Creative & Cultural Skills and Best New Employer of the Year by an AMS partner college.

Music Video Packages

Music Video for £500

Recorded at our Studio 54 Exeter (either in our live room, recording studio or green screen) to include:

  • A one hour planning session to storyboard your video, shots, duration, props & costume (you will need to provide these), lighting requirements etc.
  • Single camera operative with a 4k video camera + 1080HD camera.
  • 1/2 day actual video shoot (4 hours).
  • Editing for up to 1/2 day including necessary cuts, titles, fades, luts etc – we are normally able to complete this within 4 hours, but any additional editing will be charged at £40 per hour.

Music Video for £1000

Recorded at either our Studio 54 Exeter (using our live room, recording studio or green screen) or other local locations you have arranged either inside or outside (weather dependent) to include:

  • A one-two hour planning session to storyboard your video, location, shots, duration, scenery, props & costume (you will need to provide these), lighting requirements etc.
  • Two camera operatives (each with 4k camera capabilities) video session over the course of a full day.
  • Editing for a full day including necessary cuts, audio integration, titles, fades, luts, special effects etc.

To discuss your music video and/or to meet up and view our Studio 54 Exeter, please call Kevin on 07974 554718. All music video sessions require a 50% deposit.