Video Production & Training

Matt is an experienced specialist events organiser and music producer. For many years Matt has organised the Superweekend in Devon attracting many 1000’s of visitors to an annual weekend event featuring live music, supercars/boats/bikes, entertainment, catering, bars and virtually everything you would expect from a major outdoor summer event.

Matt worked for TF Pro and Joe Meek demonstrating and promoting their range of recording studio outboard equipment over a number of years a number of high profile artistes, engineers and producers.

Matt has worked with many vocalists in artiste development, producing their music and helping them achieve their aspirations in the music industry.

Matt has used his video recording and video editing skills over a number of years to showcase many events and organisations including HR Owen, Superweekend, Aqua-adrenelin, Goodwood Festival and many more. He will put this to good use at Studio 54 in delivering Media Composer 101/110 video editing courses. To find out more about joining one of these short courses, please call Kevin on 07974 554718.